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greenhouse gases

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This is a tactile diagram for GCSE level students. It shows how solar energy enters Earth's atmosphere, and how it is absorbed or trapped. Labelled arrows guide the reader through the diagram, and Earth and the Earth's atmosphere is shown as a texture.

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Record ID: 007-005-000-901-C
Keywords: GCSE, geography, Earth, atmosphere, climate, environment,
Language: English
Educational Level: Keystage 4
Image conceptual complexity:Medium
Image original source: ISBN 13:9781406613797
Image original source: Publication Author:Denise Freeman, Nicola Rae & David Balderstone
Image original source: Publication Title:GCSE Geography - Complete Revision Guide
Image page orientation:Portrait
Image page size:B4
Image production type:Swell
Image tactile complexity:Medium
Image zip file contains:Large print,SEB contracted
No of pages:1
Part publication:Yes
Permissions for use:Publisher permission
Subject category:Geography; Environmental geography
Subject category:Science; Ecology and environmental science
Permitted region of distribution: Worldwide
Print disabilities: Print impaired (Blind, Partially sighted and Dyslexic) and Physical disabilities
Date uploaded: 27 February 2013
Contributor: RNIB
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