The Specification

A majority of properties and terms below are a subset derived from the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Access for All specificationIMS Global Learning Consortium has licensed these properties to under the Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike License (version 3.0) so that they can be used under‘s corresponding terms and conditions. Any other organizations or initiatives that would like to adopt IMS Global’s AccessForAll for other purposes are requested to coordinate directly with IMS Global.

For applications of this specification and its relationships with previous metadata efforts, you can also find

  • A robust set of examples, which helped prove out the tags as we developed the specification. These should be helpful to content creators and distributors as you try to understand how these tags would be used in your content and catalogs.
  • Live examples, where we show the before and after and the type of tagging needed to enable the content for microdata-based search. There are even canned links for microdata-enabled search.
  • A crosswalk that relates our specification to work of LRMI, Access for All, Dublin Core Accessibility and Onix.

Version 1.0

(Definitions for most of the expected values can be found in the IMS Global Access for All (AfA) Information Model Data Element Specification.)

Property Expected Type Expected
Accessibility Additions to
accessibilityFeature Text
  • alternativeText
  • annotations
  • audioDescription
  • bookmarks
  • braille
  • captions
  • ChemML
  • describedMath
  • displayTransformability
  • highContrastAudio
  • highContrastDisplay
  • largePrint
  • latex
  • longDescription
  • MathML
  • none
  • printPageNumbers
  • readingOrder
  • signLanguage
  • structuralNavigation
  • tableOfContents
  • taggedPDF
  • tactileGraphic
  • tactileObject
  • timingControl
  • transcript
  • ttsMarkup
  • unlocked

Content features of the resource, such as accessible media and alternatives.

For more detailed explanation of these values, please refer to the W3C Web Schemas wiki.

accessibilityHazard Text
  • flashing
  • noFlashingHazard
  • motionSimulation
  • noMotionSimulationHazard
  • sound
  • noSoundHazard
A characteristic of the described resource that is physiologically dangerous to some users. This is related to WCAG 2.0 guideline 2.3. All three of the negative properties should be set if there are not any of the hazards known to date. If no properties are set, the state of accessibilityHazards is unknown, rather than no hazard.
accessibilityAPI Text
  • AndroidAccessibility
  • ARIA
  • ATK
  • AT-SPI
  • BlackberryAccessibility
  • iAccessible2
  • iOSAccessibility
  • JavaAccessibility
  • MacOSXAccessibility
  • MSAA
  • UIAutomation
Indicates that the resource is compatible with the referenced accessibility API.
accessibilityControl Text
  • fullKeyboardControl
  • fullMouseControl
  • fullSwitchControl
  • fullTouchControl
  • fullVideoControl
  • fullVoiceControl
Identifies one or more input methods that allow access to all of the application functionality.

The following properties are under consideration for v. 1.1.

Property Expected Type Expected
accessMode Text
  • auditory
  • tactile
  • textual
  • visual
  • colorDependent
  • chartOnVisual
  • chemOnVisual
  • diagramOnVisual
  • mathOnVisual
  • musicOnVisual
  • textOnVisual
An access mode through which the intellectual content of a described resource or adaptation is communicated. The IMS model defines this as “The human sensory perceptual system or cognitive faculty through which a person may process or perceive information.” If adaptations for the resource are known, the access modes of those adaptations are not included. The accessModes after visual in the list are all refinements of what is presented in the visual mode.
hasAdaptation Text Identifier of a resource that is an adaptation, for accessibility purposes, for this resource.
isAdaptationOf Text Identifier of a resource for which this is an adaptation, for accessibility purposes.

Use of extensions on Book Format

The current use of bookFormat uses an enumeration for the type, but it only goes one level deep (EBook, Hardcover, Paperback)

This proposal also includes the following [ extensions] of the EBook and Paperback values of bookFormat:

  • EBook/DAISY202
  • EBook/DAISY3
  • EBook/Mp3
  • EBook/EPUB2
  • EBook/EPUB3
  • Ebook/BRF
  • EBook/PDF and other formats, mobi, etc.
  • Paperback/Braille

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